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  • Do I need experience to join?
    None at all! But if you do have experience, GREAT!
  • Are there auditions?
    No, we want to give everyone the opportunity to train and learn how to dance!
  • What sort of styles will I learn?
    Hip Hop, Krump, House, Latin styles, and Lyrical/Contemporary!
  • What will I learn in class?
    Fundamentals in each style, different routines and choreography to help your muscle memorization and apply the technique you learn, and body conditioning exercises to help your strength and stamina.
  • Who will I learn from?
    Our amazing staff of Teaching Artists were all students of our programs and have been professionally trained to pour into YOU! We also partner with different artists to train and lead you in different workshops.
  • What makes Outkast different?
    Our classes for all youth are COMPLETELY free and we are passionate about teaching you to dance from the ground up! We will work with you closely to ensure you are leveling up and becoming a CONFIDENT ARTIST.
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