Our academics program takes seriously the role a proper education plays in the success of individuals and challenges students to think critically about their own education and goals. Every academic year students receive the guidance and assistance they need to ensure they are on track to graduating and accomplishing their goals. We offer academic counseling, tutoring, free resources, and workshops to help students succeed in their classes, prepare for higher education and gain a new perspective on learning. Through each activity and interaction, students continually gain the perspective that education is not just a phase of life, but a way of life.

Subjects Offered:







College Application Assistance

College Help

 We help our students who have transitioned from 

high school to college establish clear goals along with concrete steps to accomplish those goals.


 • Improves academic performance.

 • Improves attitude towards learning and school.

 • Improves work and study habits.

 • Helps overcome learning obstacles.

 • Encourages the freedom to ask questions.

 • Prepares youth for college.


Our fitness program is a physically demanding program that challenges students mentally to become self-disciplined finishers. Students learn how to take care of their minds and bodies while overcoming the superficial physical stereotypes that come with working out in society. The workout classes our students participate in also include reflections and discussions in order to aid students in seeing the long-term effects of healthy living on their attitudes, habits, and mental health. We teach students that body definition does not define us and that health starts from the inside out.

Training Offered:

Group Fitness Classes

H.I.I.T Training

Sports Performance


Strength & Conditioning


 • Studies have shown good youth fitness practices have a positive effect on academic performance, improving their mental capabilities if the child is exercising at least 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes or more.

 • Decreases long-term risk factors that can lead to chronic diseases.

 • Fitness helps to improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior.

 • There's a 70% chance that an overweight adolescent will remain overweight or obese as an adult.




Family Aid

Our family student aid program focuses on assisting our students and their families who lack financial resources to sustain their basic needs, and, who are also facing homelessness. We work to supply each family with their emergency needs, including but not limited to, groceries, water, school supplies, and clothing. We also assist with resources for temporary housing for families while they work to recover from poverty, find stable jobs, and provide the most important needs to their children.

 Our mentoring program creates a nurturing environment that encourages the development of leadership skill sets and character traits that will guide the students toward becoming self-sustaining individuals leading them to a path of success, accomplishments, and individuality.  We approach every topic with a thorough teaching process that includes both learning and implementation, creating esteemed individuals  through self-realization.

Curriculum Topics:

Judgment vs Character Judgement

Building Confidence

Communication & Connection





Building Relationships

Conflict Resolution



 Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52%  less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% 

less likely to skip a class.

Youth who meet regularly with their mentors are 46%  less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs and 27%  less likely to start drinking. 

Mentoring reduces “ depression symptoms”  and increases “ social acceptance,  academic attitudes

and grades.”




Our dance program enables students to tap into their creative selves by teaching them the value of self-expression and instilling newfound confidence in their artistic capabilities. By combining rigorous physical training in a wide range of dance styles and dance education, students gain a fresh understanding of dance as expression and performance. We foster a no-judgement culture that promotes creative growth, vision, and technique--transforming all students into confident, passionate, and powerful dancers despite the amount of prior experience.

Training Offered:







Rhythmic Grooves

Pop and Lock


Latin Fusion

Youth Transformation Showcase

The Outkast Academy hosts an annual spring show that highlights the transformation of our students and shares their personal journeys of triumphantly overcoming life challenges. In preparation for the show, students learn how to channel their emotions in a healthy and creative way while learning soft skills and character skills including, but not limited to, teamwork, integrity, perseverance, communication and conflict resolution. All students who are involved in our program participate in our annual culmination to showcase their work for the community.

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