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Created for Change

If you’re currently in Los Angeles, you know that there has been a major change in weather the last few days coinciding with Summer ending and Fall commencing. We have gone from sweating as soon as we step out of our homes to searching our closets for the comfiest hoodie to wear. Though we are still anticipating a few hot days this week, everyone in the city understands we are in the transition period between both seasons.

Personally, I love Fall and Winter is my favorite season. There is a particularly sweet and nostalgic feeling I get when the cold air caresses my face and when the rain brings about a symbolic touch of being “washed away.” Everyone obviously feels the impact of the change happening, but not everyone is a fan of it.

For those who aren’t fond of these upcoming seasons, they have a different perspective. One, seasonal depression is a real thing. As Daylight Savings comes to an end and we say goodbye to the sun sooner during our day, many people begin to feel their days are ending quickly and don’t have time to enjoy what they normally enjoy. Second, many people personally prefer the hot weather because there are less things to worry about (and carry, for that matter). When it gets cold and begins to rain, and possibly snow depending on where you live, we have to worry about leaving sooner since we have to drive slower. We have to carry umbrellas around to prevent us from getting soaked under the rain. We wear 10 layers of clothing just to take them off as soon as we step into a room that has the heater blasting. It just seems to be much more work!

And while all of that may be true, we have to remember this simple truth: seasons change and we must learn to adapt. If we don’t learn how to adapt, or even accept that we have to adapt, we run the risk of living through an entire season of our lives miserable, missing the fact that we were created for change. Though we know the seasons will always change, it’s so much easier to dwell in negative feelings and thoughts, yearning for our favorite season to come knocking at our door.

Hard to Embrace

I’m certain you’ve heard the phrase, “there’s a season for everything.” Or maybe, “there’s a time and place for everything.” Despite hearing those words repeatedly, why is it so difficult to embrace change when it greets us? I want to offer a few perspectives that you might resonate with.

You don’t like spontaneity.

Let’s face it. Change happens when we least expect it. It catches us off guard and interrupts what we originally had planned. Once our plans are interrupted, we begin to focus on how we could’ve prevented the interruption rather than working through it.

You know change will happen but still fail to prepare for it.

Somewhere deep in your spirit, you can sense when change is coming. Yet when it arrives, you still seem to scramble and feel inadequate to welcome it. For this reason, you become frustrated with the process of navigating whatever changes you’re facing.

You’d rather be comfortable than inconvenienced.

Change is almost, if not, always inconvenient. Remember how I mentioned people prefer hot weather because there’s less work to do than when it’s cold and rainy? I think we can all agree we want the route with the least amount of work. (Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who feels this way!)

Learning to Embrace Change

Maybe there are more reasons for our discomfort with change. But from observations and personal experiences, those are the points I have reflected on when I become stubborn with change.

So, how exactly do we begin to embrace it?

Well, I don’t have all the answers though I wish I did. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out how to embrace change myself. It’s been quite a tedious journey. When it arrives, complaining seems to be much easier than problem-solving. Ungratefulness becomes the lens to see everything through.

However, if I could leave you with only one piece of insight, it would be this:

We were created for change.

I’ll give you the most basic example! We don’t go from being an infant to an adult overnight. We go through specific stages of development that help our bodies, brains, and skills develop thoroughly. However, the beginning of each of those stages usually is the hardest part because we begin to go through changes we’ve never experienced. In those moments, our bodies and minds may feel like they’re ill-equipped. But that’s not true. We are always equipped for change! Yet, if we approach the transition with a pessimistic attitude, odds are everything will feel out of control and rather than problem-solving, we will drop everything to the ground. Thank God change doesn’t stop because of our stubborn attitudes! If that were the case, you and I would probably still be infants by now.

Every period of change we go through carries a multitude of blessings we can easily miss if we don’t embrace it with gratitude and a welcoming spirit. Sure, some seasons may feel like two walls are pressing up against you. But what a gratifying feeling it is to know that because of change, we don’t have to remain the same. We receive the opportunity to develop our minds, improve our attitudes, and even gain some skills along the way we might’ve never learned.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you feel some “ugly” feels along the way when change occurs. That’s normal. But be encouraged that you are so purposed, change needs to occur in order for you to fulfill your mission on earth. Every season has its ups and downs but it’s up to us to embrace the truth. We were created for change so let’s begin celebrating it!

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