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Our academics program takes seriously the role a proper education plays in the success of individuals and challenges students to think critically about their own education and goals. Every academic year students receive the guidance and assistance they need to ensure they are on track to graduating and accomplishing their goals. We offer academic counseling, tutoring, free resources, and workshops to help students succeed in their classes, prepare for higher education and gain a new perspective on learning. Through each activity and interaction, students continually gain the perspective that education is not just a phase of life, but a way of life.


  • Math

  • English

  • Science

  • History

  • Government

  • Economics 

  • College Application Assistance

College Help:

We help our students who have transitioned from high school to college establish clear goals along with concrete steps to accomplish those goals.


  •  Improves academic performance.

  •  Improves attitude towards learning and school.

  •  Improves work and study habits.

  •  Helps overcome learning obstacles.

  •  Encourages the freedom to ask questions.

  •  Prepares youth for college

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